Arrowroot Powder/ Starch - PurensoSelect
Arrowroot Powder/ Starch - PurensoSelect
Arrowroot Powder/ Starch - PurensoSelect
Arrowroot Powder/ Starch
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Arrowroot Powder/ Starch

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What is it?

Arrowroot starch (also called arrowroot powder) is a powdery product extracted from the roots of the arrowroot plant (Maranta Arundinaceae). Arrowroot starch (or arrowroot powder) is a fine, starchy powder.

It is a wonderful replacement for talc or kaolin clay in many cosmetic and skincare formulations. It imparts a silky texture to formulations, similar to cyclomethicone. Arrowroot Powder is all natural, and is great for talc-free baby powders, natural deodorants, foot powders and bath fizzies!

INCI Maranta Arundinacea Root
Appearance Fine white powder
Usage rate

Up to 100%

Measure by weight and mix with other dry ingredients in formula.

Recommended use levels:

Body Powder: 85-95%
Pressed Powder: 5-15%
Mineral Eye Make Up: 5-15%


Body powders, makeup powders, deodorants, athlete's foot products, anti-irritant skin care products, creams, lotions, eye cosmetics, hair care products.

Texture Soft and silky
Scent Nothing noticeable
Solubility Insoluble
Why do we use it in formulations? In anhydrous products it helps reduce the greasy/oily skin feel, and in higher concentrations it can give the entire product a powdery, dry-touch finish and contribute to thickening.


In powdered cosmetics it acts as a diluent and improves slip.

It can also be used in dusting powders, or even used as-is for a dusting powder.

Strengths Ultra silky, inexpensive ingredient.
Alternatives & Substitutions Other starches like corn and wheat work well in its place.
How to Work with It Include it in the heated or cool down phase, or the grinding phase of powdered products.
Storage & Shelf Life Stored somewhere cool, dark, and dry, arrowroot starch should last up to three years.
  • Excellent texturizer and filler with thickening properties useful for skin and hair care products
  • Has great moisture-absorbing and slight deodorant qualities
  • Makes skin silkier, softer and smoother, especially when used in body powders
  • Has anti-irritant and non-allergenic properties (does not have antimicrobial properties)
  • Can replace talc in formulas
  • Often used as thickener in hair dye products