Barium Sulphide Powder
Barium Sulphide Powder - Purenso
Barium Sulphide Powder
Barium Sulphide Powder
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Barium Sulphide Powder

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Description: This greyish inorganic compound is derived from barite and is a powerful hair dissolver owing to which it is invariably used in hair removal creams, shaving creams, foams, and gels. Barium sulphide reduces the clear or transparent appearance of cosmetics and personal care products and may be used in skin makeup for hiding blemishes.

Alternate Names- Barium Polysulfide, Polybarit, Neopol

Use: It can be used at a maximum concentration of up to 15% in hair removal creams. It is readily soluble in water but is insoluble in alcohol.

How to Use: 

  • Heat the water phase to 75°C
  • Add our barium sulphide to this heated water phase and stir.
  • Add the remaining ingredients of the formulation at 40°C
  • Constantly stir until the formulation is ready.
  • You can mix it with natural powders like Sandalwood powder , Rose petal powder and apply for hair removal.
  • Please read about harmful effects of Barium before using

Ingredients: Barium Sulphide

NOTE:  If the material becomes hard , just break it with a heave material and it will get back in to powder form.

Dangers of Barium Sulfide to the Body Using barium sulfide to remove body hair is great. It acts quickly and the results are usually good. However, this inorganic compound is a very powerful chemical. This means that its application can result in allergies and skin irritations. So, using large amounts if this alkaline substance can lead to severe skin burns.