Candle Making Supplies

Purenso Select is an Indian one stop shop for all your candle making supplies needs. If you are new to candle making, this is the best online space to start buying basic supplies like paraffin waxcandle fragrance oils, essential oils, wicks, glass, packaging, accessories and other candle making equipment.

In the olden days, candles were traditionally used for illumination during the long nights. However, this is not the only role for which a candle is suitable. These days you can see candles being used for several other purposes.

Candles are often associated with a romantic candle-light dinner. The atmosphere and ambiance created by the bright luminescence and the alluring aroma of a candle are some of the few reasons why home-made candles are preferred by several people worldwide.

If you are looking to set up your hand-made candle store, Purenso Select is the perfect store for you. Here, you can shop for all your candle-making needs. Whether it be the basic supplies like paraffin wax, glass, essential oils, and wicks or more specific products like fragrance oils and soy wax, Purenso Select offers all the premium candle making supplies in India that you need.