Flavors & Fragrances

The importance of flavors and fragrances in cosmetics cannot be overstated. An average consumer might not be aware of the distinct qualities and medical benefits offered by skincare products which is why flavor and fragrance are important in bringing attention to the cosmetic product. 

The flavor of a particular beauty product must be in line with the theme of the product. This duet of complementary flavors and fragrances enhances the quality and consistency of the cosmetic product. Most of the flavor and fragrances used are sourced from oil-based materials.

In this concentrated and non-diluted state, they are called essential oils, containing the ‘essence’ of the flavor within. Only a small amount of this concentrated flavor oil is enough for one batch. 

Due to their significance in all kinds of personal care products which use flavors and fragrances, they are one of the irreplaceable constants of the cosmetics industry.

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