Emulsifiers & Thickeners

A cosmetic product is a mixture of several different chemical compounds. They are not always miscible or capable of forming a homogeneous product. Some components of a cosmetic product are water-soluble, while some are alcohol soluble. This gives rise to the dilemma of how to combine these opposing components into a uniform mixture. 

Emulsifiers are chemical compounds that can bind these different chemical components present in a beauty product and form stable, consistent, and smooth final products. Basically, emulsifiers can enhance the volume, consistency, and viscosity of a product.

Thickeners, on the other hand, increase the viscosity of the end product without altering other chemical properties. While a few of the thickeners do have the property of thickening or gelling, most of them retain water or moisture on the skin. This is why they are majorly used in moisturizers.