Powder Colors

Powdered colors are pigment-based cosmetic colorants used to provide deep and rich color to the finished product. Titanium dioxide, a crystalline white pigment is the main ingredient in sunscreens and helps by scattering and filtering the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Sun’s UV rays have been considered to be a major cause of skin cancer therefore, adequate protection from it is mandatory, especially in the equatorial regions or for those people who have pale and sensitive skin.

Titanium dioxide, being an inert earth mineral, is safe to use in skincare products. Due to its protective properties, it is widely used in sunscreens, lotions, and powders. It has also been used as a whitening agent by many manufacturers.

Pure titanium dioxide is a fine white powder, hence it is used in the makeup industry to aid in hiding skin imperfections and providing a glow to the skin.