Candle Fragrance Oils

What is Fragrance Oil?  Fragrance oils are manufactured oils made for pleasant scents. You'll be surprised just how amazing it smells. Fragrance oils are also known as perfume oils and scented oils. One can use it in many ways from crafting, home scenting, making beauty products to creating a pleasant environment anytime. Our fragrance oils can also be used safely for making soaps and candles.

Candle Fragrance Oils or Aroma Oils are oils manufactured in labs with natural extracts and ingredients. They are widely used to add Fragrances to Candles, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Diffusers, Burners, Bath Bombs, Lotions, and other personal care products. You can use Fragrance oils for candle making, incense sticks, and perfumed soaps. As they are available in concentrated form, you must be careful while adding them as few drops would be sufficient to achieve the desired strong aroma strength or fragrance.

Our Organic Fragrance Oils range consists of highly concentrated scents that are strong and effective. Our team of quality specialists, and scientists has been relentless in its approach to provide the best-quality pure fragrance oil to our customers. We employ the highest standards of quality and packaging to deliver pure fragrance oil to our end users.