Melt & Pour Soap Bases

Purenso Select Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap Bases (soap making products) are used for handmade & homemade natural soap making supplies in india. Our soap bases include detergent free soap with no SLS and a variety of specialty bases with extra additives. Find soap bases with goat milk, honey, aloe vera, argan oil, shea butter to name a few online. All soap bases are made in the India, and we offer mp soap in one pound , two-pound , or twenty-four pound blocks.

Making home-made soap customized to suit your needs may seem like a daunting task initially. However, if you look around and conduct thorough research, you will find many resources that can make this task easier.

Purenso Select, an Indian online essential cosmetic supplies store, is one such resource. No more wandering through dozens of catalogs to get the right soap base or other soap-making supplies. At Purenso Select you can buy organic soap base, natural soap materials, and all the other soap making supplies instantly from the safety and comfort of your home.

All you need to do is, navigate to Purenso Select online web store, select all the supplies that you need, and then check out by filling your address and mode of payment. These short and simple steps ensure that you get your Homemade Soap making supplies at your doorstep.