Silver Glitter - PurensoSelect
Silver Glitter - PurensoSelect
Silver Glitter - PurensoSelect
Silver Glitter - PurensoSelect
Silver Glitter - PurensoSelect
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Silver Glitter

Size 10g

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Description: Super Sparkle Silver Glitter is a glittering silver cosmetic powder that is safe for many cosmetics. It is blended with biodegradable glitter for an outstanding performance effect. Our super sparkle colors have the largest particle size of the micas we carry making them sparkle. The large particle size may result in the mica falling slightly when used in mp soap. We recommend pouring your soup at a lower temperature to avoid this potential settling.

Common Uses:
Melt and Pour Soap. Cold Process Soap. Lip Balm. Eye Makeup.

Appearance: Sparkling Silver Powder
Avg. Particle Size: 200-700 µm

TIPS: Using too much color may cause staining. Test your final product to ensure optimal performance and no staining. Protect work areas and clothing when mixing.

It works well in melt and pour soap, nail polish, bath bombs, scrub, and lotion. It looks beautiful on top of cold process soap, but it will dissolve if it's added at trace.

Ingredients: Fluorphlogopite, Iron Oxide, Tin Oxide

Cosmetic Uses & Our Test Results:

General: Yes Lip Products: Yes
Mixes Best In: Oil, Water, Glycerin, Alcohol Eye Products: No
Finish: Sparkle Bath Water: Yes (Use Poly 80)
CP Soap Stable: Yes Nails: Yes
UV Fade: No Migrates: No

Please Note: Monitors vary in the way that they render colors. The color of this product may differ slightly from the color that you see on your monitor screen.