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Ultramarine Pink
Ultramarine Pink
Ultramarine Pink

Ultramarine Pink


Description: Matte pink finish, pure in tone. Use by itself or to deepen the tone of other colors. Inorganic, high-purity pigment. Insoluble, but miscible in water & oils.

  • Provides superior color purity and saturation
  • Outstanding dispersibility, no aggregate formation.

Applications: All kinds of color cosmetics, personal care products, soaps.

Use: Can be tinted with titanium dioxide to create different pink shades. External use only.

Ingredients: CI 77007 (Ultramarine Pink)

Cosmetic Uses & Our Test Results:

General: Yes Lip Products: No
Mixes Best In: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol CP Soap Stable: Yes
Bath Water: No

Nails: No

Finish: Matte Eye Products: Yes
UV Fade: No Migrates: No

Please Note: Monitors vary in the way that they render colors. The color of this product may differ slightly from the color that you see on your monitor screen.