DIY Leave-in Conditioner with Jojoba & Argan Oils

DIY Leave-in Conditioner with Jojoba & Argan Oils

Some people might tell you that making your own leave-in hair conditioner is as simple as watering down the wash-out product already in your shower. An oil-based leave-in conditioner can help tame wild flyaways, soften brittle hair in dry temperatures, and protect a healthy mane.

Why Try a Leave-In Hair Conditioner?

The best thing about making your own hair serum recipe is that you get to customize the feel and smell every time you refill your precious bottle of botanical ingredients. It typically sway toward jojoba and argan oil for my lightly coarse, curly hair, which tends to stay dry and oil-free, no matter how much oil to be add to it. This allows me to freshen up my look without taking a brush to the hair (which can just break up the curls and cause more frizz).

Jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis), which is actually a liquid plant wax, is the closest oil to our body’s naturally produced sebum. For this reason, jojoba oil doesn't tend to make you feel greasy. This is an especially good choice for oily hair types. Since it’s quick to be absorbed not only by the hair, but also by skin, it's one of the most popular additions to facial oil serum recipes too.

Argan oil (Argania spinosa) is golden in color with a subtle aroma. This oil contains vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids, which your hair will love!

DIY Leave-In Conditioner with Argan & Jojoba Oils


1 Tbsp. argan oil

1 Tbsp. jojoba oil

1 tsp. pomegranate seed oil or castor oil (optional, for dry/coarse hair)

5 drops rosemary essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil


- Combine carrier oils and essential oils in a bottle.
- Screw on cap and roll bottle between palms to disperse essential oils.


    For dry hair: Place a couple of drops onto fingertips, run through midway to ends of hair. Avoid adding oils to scalp directly, as this is where oil can tend to build up.

    For wet hair:  Place a couple of drops into finger tips and run through midway to ends of hair, brush through while still wet, and style as normal.

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