Everything to know about BTMS 50

Everything to know about BTMS 50

What is BTMS 50?

A blend of Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetyl Alcohol, and Butylene Glycol, BTMS-50 is known for its conditioning properties owing to its cationic nature. Behentrimonium Methosulfate is a quaternary ammonium salt derived from the natural plant oil Colza, or what is commonly known as Rapeseed Oil. This product is completely vegan.

When used, BTMS 50 creates a very fine coating on skin and hair, giving an amazing finish unique to cationic ingredients. It gives products the most luxurious, wonderful skin feel and leaves hair easy to comb through. It also functions as a complete emulsifying wax with pH between 4.5 to 7 in a 3% solution.

Where to use BTMS 50?

BTMS 50 finds use in,

  • Hair care products,
  • Emulsifier in lotions
  • Conditioning add-in for body butters and balms
  • Scrubs
  • Deep conditioning relaxers

BTMS-50 can also be used as a co-emulsifier with Polawax, adding its conditioning properties to emulsions.

How to use BTMS 50?

Typically, the usage range of BTMS 50 lies between 1% to 15% of the total product quantity. However, it may constitute up to 25% of the finished product in the oil phase when used as emulsifying agent. A word of caution though, any amount of BTMS 50 more than 15% of total volume may impart a fishy smell in the end product.

When stored somewhere cool, dark, and dry, BTMS-50 is very shelf stable and has been experienced to be unchanged for up to three years from opening.

How to stay safe when handling BTMS 50?

  • If it comes into prolonged contact with skin in its pure form (not mixed with other ingredients) it can cause irritation.
  • If any gets in the eyes, immediately rinse with water for fifteen minutes after removing contacts as prolonged exposure can cause eye damage.
  • If irritation persists, seek medical attention. It has a flash point over 200º C. In some cases, it may float on water and should therefore be treated as a grease fire.
  • If ingested, do not induce vomiting. Instead, seek medical attention immediately.

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