MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil is a liquid oil manufactured through the esterification of glycerol using medium-chain fatty acids isolated from natural sources (Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, or a combination of the two).

MCT Oil is popular in aromatherapy and massage therapy as a carrier oil as it does not interfere with the scent of aromatic blends, absorbs rapidly, does not stain clothing, and leaves behind a silky but non-greasy feeling to the skin.

In cosmetic formulations, MCT Oil is ideal in emulsions or when a soothing and non-greasy emollient is required with neutral sensory characteristics and a long shelf life.

The following summary highlights the therapeutic properties and activities that MCT Oil is believed to show:

COSMETIC: Emollient (Soothing/Softening), Conditioning, Hydrating, Revitalizing, Strengthening, Protective, Clarifying, Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne, Anti-Irritant

Used in aromatherapy and massage applications, MCT Oil functions as an ideal carrier oil for essential oils due to its easy-to-use liquid state and mild odor. It is popular amongst massage therapists due to its quick-absorbing, non-greasy, and non-staining properties.

Used in skincare, haircare, and cosmetic products, MCT Oil provides a light and highly stable moisturizing base that carries neutral sensory characteristics (odor and color), thus contributing to a positive consumer experience. Formulators who wish to avoid the 'heavy' or 'nutty' smells associated with virgin or unprocessed botanical oils will find the very light characteristic scent of MCT Oil highly desirable, and it also provides a good alternative for Mineral Oil. In addition, due to its non-oily, more powdery texture, MCT oil can enhance the consistency of an emulsion which can add to the performance perception by the consumer and is also ideal in rinse-off products. Similarly, MCT Oil is excellent in volumizing hair care formulations as the use of 'heavier' oils often tend to weigh the hair down and counteract the volumizing effect. Unlike Coconut Oil, MCT Oil is also non-comedogenic, suitable for all skin types, and can be used in applications such as oil cleansing.

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