Simply Cold Process Soap Recipe

Simply Cold Process Soap Recipe


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  • I want to undergo training in glycerin based natural hand made soap

    Pradeep kumar on
  • This tutorial is beginner-friendly and approachable, making it an excellent resource for those new to soap making.

  • I have gone through your ‘Simply Cold Process Soap Recipe’. Please advise if any mica colour e.g Lavender 1tsp mixed in 1tsp olive oil can be added to ready batter as streaks of colour and pour into mould OR directly mixing Lavender mica into baiter before pouring the same in Mould.
    Moreover, Purenso should supply all required ingredients as one kit for one batch of the recipe instead of making supplies of ingredients as per packings available with Purenso. For example if one batch of given recipe require 230 gm of Palm Oil, then your packing should be for 250gm. Likewise, if recipe require 23 gm of Cocoa butter then the packing should be 25 gm & so on. So I am of the opinion that people following your recipes should be supplied all required ingredients of the batch as one Kit. If one has demand for making two batches of a particular recipe, then all ingredients for two batches should be supplied as one Kit. One will simply ask for materials required for completing the recipe specifying the requirements for on batch or two batches or it may be three.
    Kindly reply.

    Vimal Khosla on

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