Conditioning Rose Water Hair Mist

There’s a bunch of added goodies in this mist to help add shine and bounce to your hair, and to keep it hydrated. Plant derived keratin and hydrolyzed silk are both proteins that help make our hair shiny and bouncy, as well as offering some strengthening and smoothing action. Panthenol and sodium lactate are both humectants, which means they draw water out of the air to help keep our hair hydrated. I chose sodium lactate here as it’s a stronger humectant than glycerin; we typically use glycerin because it’s sturdier in the face of washing (in hand lotions, for example), but we don’t wash our hair nearly as often as we wash our hands (I hope!), so we can use sodium lactate in a hair mist. Vegetable glycerin is a good alternative if you don’t have sodium lactate, though.


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