How much fragrance for your creations?

Information about our fragrances

Our fragrances are pure, their fragrance in the bottle is not representative of the olfactory result obtained in the finished products. Do not hesitate to do tests.

Some parameters can modify the result of the finished product: temperature, bases used, dyes, active ingredients, fragrances, essential oils...
You can mix the fragrances together to decline a whole range of original scents ... Let your imagination speak!

All our fragrances meet the standards of the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and are of cosmetic quality.


Percentage of fragrance to be incorporated into your finished products

Candles: always use fragrances or essential oils with a flash point above 65°C to avoid any risk of ignition of the surface of the candle. The melting point is the temperature at which a wax melts, the flash point is the auto-ignition temperature of a product. For the creation of gelled wax candles, the flash point must be higher than 75°C to avoid any risk of ignition. The fragrance dosage generally recommended for candles is 8 to 10% (i.e. 8g to 10g per 100g of wax).

Soaps: the percentage of fragrance will be applied according to the trace. For cold saponification, we recommend adding the fragrance at the end of the process, to the fine trace, mixed with overgreasing for example. The fragrance dosage generally recommended to perfume your soaps is between 2 and 5%.

Fondants for the bath: the recommended fragrance dosage for your bath fondants is 2%.

Ambient fluxes: gelled wax must be heated to a higher temperature than other waxes. It solidifies faster. The fragrance dosage generally recommended for your room fondants is 8 to 10%.

Body care: the generally recommended fragrance dosage for your body care products is 2%.

Facials: the generally recommended fragrance dosage for your facial treatments is 1%.

Perfumes: to succeed in your perfumed compositions, start gradually to see when the perfume is perceptible, pleasant and therefore in line with your expectations. The dosage generally recommended for your mixtures: 50%

Our dosage advice is given as an indication. Before using fragrances, always consult the IFRA which will give you the maximum percentage of fragrance that you can use in your preparations without risk to your health.

To your creations, ready... Go away!

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