Non-Bleeding Colors from Purenso Select

Non-Bleeding Colors from Purenso Select

Color plays an important role in the design of your soaps, and can even make or break a sale for many soapers! This is why it is so important that you choose a colorant that works for your project, and does what it is advertised. 

So while we’re talking non-bleeding colorants, you might ask: what is a bleeding colorant? Bleeding colorants are colorants that can migrate  into other layers of your soap. You can work with a bleeding colorant for a cool effect, but if you’re going for crisp, clean lines, you’ll want to stick to non-bleeding colorants. How can you tell if your colorant is going to bleed? Any colorant containing dyes or lakes will bleed. This includes any of our Liquid colours for melt & pour.

 Non-Bleeding Colors from Purenso Select

An example of colors bleeding and migrating, creating a hazy “halo”

If your project calls for crisp, clean lines, take a look below to learn a bit more about all the different non-bleeding colorants that Purenso Select carries.


Non-bleeding colors are what makes this project shine!

All of these soap colorants work well in melt and pour soap, and cold process soap. They are non-bleeding, perform well in high ph environments, and do not morph during the saponification process.


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